Star Trek 2 Image?


During an interview at last night’s MTV Movie AwardsJ.J. Abrams may have revealed an alien character to be seen in Star Trek 2.

The character appeared on a computer screen behind Abrams, who was being interviewed discussing the return of archery as seen in movies such as Hunger Games.

The image is a Klingon, and supposedly it had not seen before in the Star Trek XI movie or in the subsequent Star Trek XI DVD release.

The image may well be part of a gag though, and not something new from Star Trek 2. In the interview, Abrams was poking fun at archery coach Lester Boonshaft. He said, “There was this whole Klingon archery subplot, in the new Star Trek that I completely cut out, just so I didn’t have to work with him.”

It’s also possible that the image was cut from Star Trek XI and was not included on the DVD release.

It has been rumored, however, that Klingons will make their appearance in Star Trek 2.

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Source: MTV

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