Picardo Wants Trek Cameo


If Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Picardo has his way, fans will see him in the third J.J. AbramsStar Trek movie.

Picardo, best-known to Trek fans for his role as the EMH on Voyager, has met Abrams and he is a big fan of the Abrams’ Star Trek  reboot.

“Well, it’s always possible that they’ll use one of us,” said Picardo. “I’ve met J.J., he was very kind and complimentary to me, and I know he watched the show because he’s a fan of Star Trek. Nothing is impossible.”

Picardo is grateful for the reboot of the franchise, believing that new Star Trek fans coming in as a result of Star Trek XI often become curious about previous Trek. “What’s wonderful about Star Trek having been rebooted so successfully by the J.J. Abrams movie franchise is that the corollary effect is that it creates a new generation of fans and they’re interested in all of it,” said Picardo. “They don’t just sit around and wait for the next movie to come out, they’ll go back and re-examine episodes.”

Picardo saw this first-hand at home. “I remember when the first movie came out, my daughter’s friends who were all about seventeen, they’d never paid any attention to the show when it was on the air, they started to go back and watch Voyager and enjoy it, simply because they liked the movie,” he said. “It helps the brand name and I think it’s a good time for a new generation of fans.”

Source: Google News

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