Orci: Characters Not In Star Trek 2


Star Trek 2 Co-writer Roberto Orci tells fans which characters (and one race) will not be seen in Star Trek 2.

Four specific original series characters and one race were mentioned by Orci as being absent from Star Trek 2.

The race that won’t be seen in Star Trek 2 will be the Borg.

Four characters from the original series have also been nixed: Janice Rand, Gary Mitchell, Charlie X and Ruk (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

Fans may note that Khan has not been ruled out yet.

In addition, Orci said that there was a seventy-five percent chance that the official title of Star Trek 2 will contain the words “Star Trek” in the title, and also that he has had talks with CBS regarding the possibility of making a new animated Trek series.

Source: Ain't It Cool News

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