Nimoy: Returning As Bell?

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Fans of William Bell may see the character yet again in the next season of Fringe.

Leonard Nimoy spoke about his possible return to Fringe for Season Five, which begins this autumn.

“It will depend on what they have in mind for the character,” said Nimoy. “There are a lot of issues that have to be dealt with, but we’ll be talking.”

Nimoy’s character was most recently seen in the Season Four finale. Why did Nimoy return to the show after he had announced his retirement? “It was explained to me that we’re opening up a whole world, and William Bell [was] being recreated as something else,” said Nimoy. “He [was] in another universe and ha[d] taken on other characteristics. There were challenges in the character itself that were attractive to me. I could play aspects that I ha[d]n’t played in a long time, so it was very welcoming to me.

“The William Bell character started as a very intelligent and rational character. I think he’ still very, very intelligent, but I’m not quite so sure that he’s rational anymore. I think you’ll see some behaviour in the finale that have taken him quite a distance from where he started.”

Source: SciFiNow

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