Kurtzman: The Purpose of a Sequel


Star Trek 2 Co-writer Alex Kurtzman explains what a sequel should do and also why there was a delay in making Star Trek 2.

According to Kurtzman, the reason for the delay was to make sure that the very best movie would be made, and that requires that it not be rushed.

“We feel a tremendous responsibility to protect Star Trek,” said Kurtzman, “and we didn’t want to rush it, we didn’t want to turn it into something…sometimes…when you rush something and you can see the final movie and you’re like, ‘We shouldn’t have rushed it.’ We did not want that to happen on Trek.”

Fortunately, Paramount was supportive. “In this case, Paramount was great,” said Kurtzman. “They said, ‘You guys do it at your pace and make the movie that you want to make when you want to make it.’

“I really feel that we made the right decision [to delay Star Trek 2] because the worst thing would have been, we took something that was already so tricky and we were all very nervous about doing the first one, it was beloved, and we were huge fans and fortunately people seemed to like it…just because they liked it doesn’t mean ‘get [the second one] out there fast.'”

Kurtzman was pleased with Star Trek 2 when it finished filming. “We just wrapped and J.J. just killed it,” he said. “He did such a great job.”

How is Star Trek 2 going to be different than the first Star Trek film? The first movie is “about [the] characters coming together,” said Kurtzman. But a sequel is all “about the bad guy.”

“The best sequels in my mind,” said Kurtzman, “are the ones that have really put your main characters to the test.”

Source: Rogue Movie Network

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