Hemsworth Proposed To Star In Whale Tale


Star Trek XI‘s Chris Hemsworth is set to star in In The Heart of the Sea, which is currently making the rounds of the studios.

Based on the National Book Award-winning book of the same name, In the Heart of the Sea was written by Nathaniel Philbrick. Herman Melville‘s classic Moby Dick was inspired by this tale.’

In The Heart Of The Sea is based on the true story of the Essex, a Nantucket whaling ship which “was stalked and ultimately destroyed by a sperm whale in 1820. Stranded thousands of miles from home, the crew struggled to survive; they were lost at sea for ninety days. Eight [survivors] were rescued.”

Written by Charles Leavitt and produced by Joe Roth, Paula Weinstein, Will Ward and Palak Patel, In The Heart of the Sea has sparked interest by DreamWorks, as well as other studios.

Source: Deadline

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