Trek Cast Visits Hooters


In what must surely be a fanboy’s dream, several Star Trek cast members made their appearance at a local Hooter’s in Northern California last night.

The actors were in town filming scenes for Star Trek 2 at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

“I am at a Hooters in Northern California watching a boxing game,” said Zachary Quinto on his Twitter feed. “I have never felt more at home.”

Simon Pegg also tweeted about the event, providing a picture of himself with Quinto. “Oh, it’s happening,” he said.

After the event, Quinto shared a photo of the actors en route to the evening’s entertainment. “Grandma @simonpegg drives us to SF while grandpa pine sits shotgun curmudgeonly,” he said.

Local fans were able to see the Star Trek 2 actors at Hooters. Livermore resident Ashley Schneider was able to have a picture taken with Benedict Cumberbatch, also in attendance. “I didn’t ask either Chris [Pine] nor Benedict about the movie, because I didn’t want them to give anything away,” she said.

The next morning, Pegg was still hanging with his fellow actors. “The morning after,” he said. “Eggs with Benedict.”

Source: Livermore Patch

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