Nimoy Tweets About Trek 2?


Twitter posts from Leonard Nimoy seem to address the recent rumors regarding the actor’s possible appearance in Star Trek 2.

Recently, several rumors regarding the latest Trek movie have appeared on the Internet and one of the three rumors claimed that Nimoy would be reprising his role of Spock in Star Trek 2.

Nimoy made several Twitter posts that seem to address this rumor. “Humans. Please advise,” he said. “Does ‘talking’ sound like ‘appearing?'”

Another Nimoy Twitter post said, “It seems the answer is ‘no,” except in some cases..’maybe.’ Very human. LLAP.”

Talking might imply “voiceover” and the first post might well mean that we won’t see him “in person” as we did in Star Trek XI, unless it’s in a communication (holovideo from his new residence, perhaps). The second post would seem to address his retirement and having elected to return to the movie.

That last paragraph is, of course, fan speculation. Your mileage may vary.

Source: Leonard Nimoy's Twitter Feed

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