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In The Birthday Party, a new episode of Fresh Hell, Brent Spiner is reduced to playing a familiar Star Trek character in hopes of obtaining a better role.

In Fresh Hell, Spiner plays a character who wants nothing more than to return to acting and to earn back respect, but both “The Incident” (an unmentioned faux pas that caused his fall from grace), and his most famous role as Data keep getting in the way of that goal.

In The Birthday Party, Spiner is aghast when he finds out that the children’s birthday party at which he is scheduled to perform is not only a birthday party, but a Star Trek birthday party.

“I am not doing this,” he said. “I have some pride left. I will NOT play Data at a kid’s birthday party!”

Spiner is reassured that he will not be playing Data and that someone will be watching his performance, which may lead to bigger and better things.

“There are no bad parts as long as they’re played with dignity and respect,” Spiner said, trying to be positive.

He then goes out and tries to do a credible Mr. Spock playing opposite a “space monster,” but the actress portraying the monster is in the middle of a relationship crisis and would rather talk about her personal woes instead.

Source: Fresh Hell

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