De Lancie To Appear With RPO

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John de Lancie, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Q, will be appearing twice this weekend with the Rochester (New York) Philharmonic Orchestra.

De Lancie will narrate two performances of a classic children’s story The Sneetches, originally written by Dr. Seuss, as part of the RPO’s OrKIDStra family series.

The Sneetches has been adapted by Lorenzo Palomo and the children’s story has been set to music in this performance by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Commissioned by Rochester-area oncologist Dr. Sidney H. Sobel, the story was chosen for its message of tolerance and acceptance. ““I’ve had this project in mind for many years,” said Sobel. “I believe this story has the power to change behavior among children and adults in ways that will help to eradicate intolerance in societies everywhere. No language is more universal than music, no message more important than that of The Sneetches.”

De Lancie will join attendees after the concert for a reception, appearing along with composer Palomo and RPO Music Director Arild Remmereit.

Tickets and further information may be found here.

Source: The Daily News

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