And It’s A Wrap


Star Trek 2 has finished principal photography according to the tweets of several of the actors starring in the movie.

Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg both tweeted about the end of their work on Star Trek 2. “Wind, reel and print,” said Pegg. “The countdown to May 2013 has begun.”

Pegg also posted a photo that showed part of a Star Trek 2 costume, part of which showed an orange shirt with little Starfleet emblems on it.

As Pegg says goodbye to Star Trek 2, his thoughts have turned to his current project, L.A. Noir. “Goodbye 24th century outer space; hello 1940s LA. Talk about a slingshot.”

L.A. Noir is the story of a battle between L.A. Police Chief William Parker and mobster Mickey Cohen.

Quinto also tweeted about Star Trek 2, and he looked forward to something returning to normal. “ZQ. Picture wrap. Holy shit,” he tweeted. “Dear eyebrows: hurry back now ya hear?!?”

The comment on his eyebrows attracted the attention of the other Star Trek Spock, Leonard Nimoy, who reassured Quinto. “You can count on it,” he said, referring to the regrowth of Quinto’s eyebrows. “I know from experience.”

Source: Twitter feed of Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto

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