Ryan Worries For Future Of Body Of Proof


Although Jeri Ryan is concerned that her current show Body of Proof may be cancelled, she is hoping that it will survive to air another season.

The medical drama series, in which Ryan plays Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murphy, has been on the air for two seasons, but the finale, which airs tonight, may be the last episode of the show.

“We’re very much on the bubble,” said Ryan. “For our last two episodes, we’ve had great overall numbers. Our overall viewers are higher than most of the shows I’ve ever dealt with, and higher than most of the shows that are considered hits.”

Viewership for Body of Proof has benefitted by being aired directly after the popular Dancing With the Stars, but that may not be enough to save the show.

“Our demographic numbers, which are the only things advertisers care about, are low,” said Ryan. “So, something like New Girl gets double or triple our demographic numbers, but we get double their overall viewers. But that’s a hit, yet we’re on the bubble. It’s hard! It’s such an archaic system!

“So much of the viewership now is not watching it live. They’re watching on DVR and skimming through all the ads, so it’s too bad we’re sticking to the old advertising model. “Somewhere down the line, things will have to change, but I guess for now it is what it is. We’re all hoping.”

Source: Huffpost TV

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