Roddenberry Entertainment’s Days Missing To Be Filmed

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Benderspink and Roddenberry Entertainment have joined together to co-develop the graphic novel series Days Missing, for both television and film.

“We see this as such a strong concept that it could be done as a television show and feature trilogy at the same time,” said J. C. Spink, Co-Founder of Benderspink. “And, we’re extremely excited to work with Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth.”

“Benderspink is a team of creative professionals who really understand Roddenberry’s brand of science fiction and the potential of this property,” said Trevor Roth, Days Missing creator and head of development for Roddenberry Entertainment. “This partnership plans on doing more than just adapting a comic book story—we want to use television and film to expand the Days Missing universe.”

The film will be produced by Benderspink and Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth.

In Days Missing, “extraordinary twenty-four-hour periods of time that have changed the course of humanity’s evolution … have been erased from human memory by a mystical and ancient being known as The Steward. These ‘days missing,’ recorded in the annals of The Steward’s library, represent a lost human history that explains much more about who we are than we ever knew.”

There are currently two Days Missing novels; Days Missing, and Days Missing: Kestus. Days Missing: Enox is currently in production and is due to be released this year.

Source: Deadline

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