New Trek Art Website Launches


For fans of original Star Trek art, a new player has entered the field.

Bye Bye Robot will be offering original licensed Star Trek prints in the U.S., with prints licensed by CBS Consumer Products.

“Today marks the start of Bye Bye Robot’s online presence,” said Charity Wood, Co-Founder and Bye Bye Robot Artist. “It is the culmination of our passion – and the passion of all the great fans – for Star Trek that is truly being displayed.”

The first original art offerings will feature the original series and are located at the website located here. Four prints are available now; two of the USS Enterprise, one featuring the Gorn of Arena, and one featuring the Tribbles from The Trouble With Tribbles.

Future artwork will feature prints from the rest of the Star Trek series, as well as the original series and The Next Generation movies.

“The prints, licensed by CBS Consumer Products, are completely original works which will be sold in limited runs, hand signed and numbered by the artist. Based on demand, the original paintings may also be sold in the future.”

Source: Bye Bye Robot Press Release

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