New Star Trek 2 Set Photos


More Star Trek 2 set photos have appeared online, and J.J. Abrams is none too happy about it.

There are twenty photos in all, featuring Zoë Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, and J.J. Abrams.

The photos are more from the same scene that the first pictures released featured, in which Cumberbatch’s character was involved in a fight with Spock, and then had a phaser pulled on him by Uhura.

The release of these set photos has made the secretive Abrams very unhappy, according to Saldana, who spoke to MTV at the Independent Spirit Awards Saturday night. “J.J. was very upset,” said Saldana. “I have to say that. It’s not going to stop people from intruding, but they are, and it’s such a bummer because it only hurts them by stealing away the surprise.”

Saldana wouldn’t give much in the way of details regarding Cumberbatch, who appears to have a role as a villain in Star Trek 2. “[He’s] another yummy male actor in Star Trek,” she said. “That’s what he’s adding, and I’m enjoying it.”

Zachary Quinto also spoke to MTV about the release of the set photos. “The cameras weren’t even rolling so … imagine what it’ll look like when we’re actually doing it,” he said. “That happens, I guess. We’re on incredibly big set pieces in the middle of somewhere and people sort of got wind of it. But whatever…”

Expect Star Trek 2 to be a bigger and better film, said Quinto. “We’re doing it in 3D; we’re doing it in IMAX; It’s definitely bigger,” he said. “It requires a different kind of energy, actually. The process has been … really challenging, but in the best way.”

Head here to see all of the photos.

Source: Cosmic Book Newsvia MTV

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