Burton: Twitter Readers To The Rescue


When LeVar Burton couldn’t get a Twitter cybersquatter to release the Reading Rainbow name, he marshaled his Twitter followers to help him get the deed done.

Burton wanted to register the @readingrainbow handle at Twitter, but he found out that the name was already taken.

To add insult to injury, the person owning the name hadn’t posted in the last three years, and he (or she) didn’t answer Burton when Burton tried to make contact.

Burton, who has 1.74 million followers, posted the following tweet: “Dear @twitter I’m trying to contact the individual who’s sitting on @ReadingRainbow but he hasn’t Tweeted in #3YEARS Can you help? Thanks!”

Seven hundred of Burton’s fans retweeted the post, which finally caught the attention of Twitter, who sorted the manner. Twitter does not allow “name squatting” and in addition, reserves the right to remove inactive accounts.

“Thank you everyone for your help!!!,” tweeted Burton.



Source: CNET

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