Stewart: I Thought Trek Would Fail

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In a new interview with the BBC, Sir Patrick Stewart admits that he didn’t think that Star Trek: The Next Generation would be successful as a series.

This belief was based on what he heard from those in Hollywood, including his own agent, when Stewart expressed concern about being signed to a long-term contract for the show.

“My agent, and everyone else I consulted in Hollywood, reassured me that I need not fear the six year contract I had to sign because not only would the series never make it for six years, it was unlikely to make it through its first season,” said Stewart, “because everyone said you cannot revive an iconic series; it’s impossible.”

“So come; make some money,” said his agent, ” and for the first time in your life; get a suntan, and go home.”

My commitment [to The Next Generation] was based on the fact that it was going to be a failure, said Stewart, “and then I could come back here and go on doing Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”

The short video featuring Stewart can be seen here.

Source: BBC Hardtalk

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