Star Trek Online Second Anniversary Celebration

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On February 2, Star Trek Online celebrates its second anniversary, and four days of celebration will take place in honor of the event.

The events will run from around 10 AM PST on Thursday, February 2, through the same time on Monday, February 6.

The master of ceremonies will be Q, and players are encouraged to “log in each day” to “seek out Q at Earth Spacedock or Qo’noS,” where he will find “silly things” for humans to do. Those completing Q’s tasks will win fun prizes.

Two new ships will be released in honor of the celebration. Starfleet command will commission a new Odyssey class cruiser starship. Players who are level 5 or above can obtain one of these ships by completing a mission on a shakedown cruise.

The Klingon Defense Force will also launch their own ship, a Bortas (vengeance) class starship at the same time. KDF officers who are level 21 and above can earn one of these by completing a mission on a shakedown cruise.

According to Star Trek Online, “These two ships will be free to everyone during the event, regardless of level or rank. The ships require you be level 50 to fly them in combat, so characters of lower level will find an item in their inventory that they cannot use until they reach level 50. After the event, these two ships will no longer be obtainable for a while. We have not finalized details yet on when they will return, but we will announce the details once we have them.”

Source: Star Trek Online

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