Star Trek Masterpiece Collection: Spock And Khan

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Titan Merchandise has announced the latest in their ongoing range of Star Trek figurines from the Star Trek Masterpiece Collection.

The figurines include two maxi-busts of Ricardo Montalban as Khan Noonien Singh and Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

According to the Titan Merchandise press release, the Khan Noonien Singh Maxi-Bust “captures every detail of Ricardo Montalban’s indelible performance as Khan in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, including his rugged strength, bouffant hair and every fold of his buccaneering outfit.”

The Mister Spock Maxi-Bust “celebrates Leonard Nimoy’s legendary performance as the one of the greatest Star Trek icons of all time – the unforgettable Mr. Spock. This is an incredibly detailed piece with a note-perfect, never-before-seen replication of Spock’s Starfleet uniform, tricorder and phaser.”

The polystone busts stand eight inches high and are five inches wide. Each bust will sell for $79.99, and will be available in June from Forbidden Planet and Entertainment Earth.

Source: Titan Merchandise Press Release

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