Quinto As Chad Again?

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If Zachary Quinto had his way, he would be returning to the second season of American Horror Story.

Quinto played Chad Warwick, the gay former owner of a spooky mansion, in four episodes of the first season of the new series.
In American Horror Story, the Harmon family (Dylan McDermott as Ben and Connie Britton as Vivien) moves from Boston to Los Angeles after a miscarriage and affair rock their family. But the mansion into which they move is anything but healing.

“I had an amazing time and I only did four episodes of the season,” said Quinto, “so it was just a little bit of an appetizer for me. I would love to work more.”

While the second season will feature a new storyline in a new location, Executive Producer Ryan Murphy has said that some of the season one cast members could return in different roles.

Source: blastr

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