Orci: Star Trek 2 Evolving Script


Star Trek 2 Co-writer Roberto Orci explained why it took so long to get the Star Trek script finished and what type of changes will occur in the story during production.

Orci spoke, according to TrekMovie.com, to calm fans who were worried about changes happening so close to filming.

First, Orci explained the original delay in finishing the script. The reason the script wasn’t finished until recently is mostly for strategic philosophical reasons,” said Orci. “We were not willing to turn anything in until we knew for sure that we had a start date, based on J.J.’s availability. If we had written the script a year ago and it sat on the shelf, it would not have been current. Nothing messes up a script like it sitting on the shelf, because then everyone does get time to second guess and wonder, and then movies fall apart.”

Then Orci explained that evolving filming technology can cause changes in the script. “…the weirdest kind of changes comes from how J.J. wants to move the camera,” he said. “Thanks to advances in film making, we can move the camera around the ship in ways you couldn’t before — so sometimes lines will change or even who says them may change based on their position on the set relative to the coolest choreography of the camera moves. Keeps you on your toes as a writer for sure, but it is fun and worth it.”

When it comes to changes, there is nothing that should give fans reason for concern. “Finally, you should know the story hasn’t changed, the structure hasn’t changed, and the action sequences haven’t changed,” said Orci. “Most changes are minor.”

Star Trek 2 is due out in May of 2013.

Source: TrekMovie.com

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