Cumberbatch: Over The Moon


Just as with the last Star Trek movie, don’t expect the actors involved to give away any secrets.

Benedict Cumberbatch, the latest actor joining Star Trek 2, was asked a question about Star Trek 2 while at a press tour for Sherlock, but while Cumberbatch expressed his emotions regarding signing on for the J.J. Abrams sequel, he was careful not to reveal anything.

“There’s a lawyer standing here saying that I can’t say anything,” he said. “I’m hugely, hugely excited and I’m very, very flattered. I’m very, very excited, but obviously I’m not here to talk about that. I will, in the future, I’m sure. I’m just getting my head around the fact that it’s happened. If you’ll forgive me, I’ll pass on that. But my headline is that I’m over the moon.”

Already known for his role in Sherlock, Cumberbatch spoke about his new visibility. “It’s very flattering,” he said. “It’s very important to remember that whatever scale you’re working at, or your work is being received, or approved of, it is a job. You have to do your job well, so you can’t get carried away by too much of it.”

Source: MTV

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