Cumberbatch As Villain: Just Supposition


Last night at the Golden Globes, Benedict Cumberbatch spoke about Star Trek 2 and his possible role in the J.J. Abrams sequel.

“I start next week, which is really exciting,” said Cumberbatch. Filming on Star Trek 2 began last Thursday.

Cumberbatch has been preparing for his role by asking questions of family and friends. “I started slow in that [becoming a Star Trek fan] but I mean quite genuinely, when he [Abrams] rebooted it with this last film. I got really intrigued. I have lots of friends and family…all sorts of people who’ve loved all of the series and all of the films. I’ve sort of been introduced to it through them and now I’m going back to them and asking them questions so I can get up to speed with true Trekkies.”

When MTV interviewer Josh Horowitz spoke about Cumberbatch playing a villain, Cumberbatch said “I don’t think we do know that, actually. I think that’s just supposition. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Source: MTV

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