Visitor Castle Guest Appearance


Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Nana Visitor will be able to see her in an episode of Castle which will air next year.

Castle is a “comedy-drama” starring Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Serenity) as Richard Castle. Castle is a mystery writer who is brought in for questioning by the NYPD after a serial killer uses his novel plots as inspiration for his murders. The author comes along on homicide investigations to assist the team in research and to get inspiration for his writing.

Visitor will be appearing in episode 13 of season four, in “An Embarrassment of Bitches,” where she will portray Dr. Phyllis Barker, an “eminent canine therapist whose talents are called upon when it’s discovered that one of her ‘clients’ witnessed a murder.”

The episode is said to be a “Kardashian-esque spoof” in which another guest star, Hilarie Burton (White Collar) will play Kay Cappuccio, “a woman ‘famous mostly for being famous’ who ‘feels a prisoner of her own celebrity lifestyle.”

Source: Buddy TVvia TVLine

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