Trek Book Contest Winners!

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The winners of the Chronicle Books’ Obsessed With Star Trek quiz book have been chosen and two lucky fans will soon be receiving their books in the mail.

Obsessed with Star Trek features 2,500 trivia questions, which cover Star Trek from the original series up to (but not including) Star Trek XI.

Written by Chip Carter, Obsessed with Star Trek would make a good gift for the Star Trek fan. The book sells for $29.99 and is available here.

The winners are:

  • Sean Klein
  • Gayle Hill


The answers to the quiz questions were:

  • 1. Who wrote the first Rules of Acquisition? Gint
  • 2. Where did the crew of the Enterprise keep their communicators in Star Trek: The Motion Picture? Wrist
  • 3. Who was responsible for the Crystalline Entity’s attack on the Omicron Theta colony world? Lore

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