Star Trek Online: Stahl Returns And Season Five

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Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl has returned to the game after working at Zynga.

Returning as a senior producer, and leading a team working on Star Trek: Online’s The Foundry, Stahl is glad to be back. “My time at Zynga was fun and interesting,” he said, “but I really missed working with my colleagues here.”

“There is something magical going on at Cryptic these days and I’m very happy to be back working on the MMOs that I personally love to play,” Stahl added.

In other Star Trek: Online news, the game will launch as free-to-play on January 17, as reported last month in a TrekToday article.

A subscription sale is currently in progress for the game, with $100 off being offered for a lifetime subscription. Once the game goes free-to-play, lifetime subscribers will automatically become Gold members, and receive extra perks without the need for further cost (other Gold members will need to pay $14.99 per month to receive the same perks once the game goes free-to-play).

And this month, Season 5: Call to Arms has been released. In Season Five, players have new opportunities as follows:

  • A new Duty Officer System which will permit Captains to manage those officers and to collect and trade them with fellow Captains.
  • The Borg Advancement continues, with the Borg landing on Defera Prime and beginning to assimilate its inhabitants, and it’s up to players to stop the process, as well as to keep the Borg from causing trouble elsewhere.
  • Klingon Gameplay includes an “improved way to level up your KDF warrior.”
  • Skills Revamp: The way to specialize one’s captain has been updated.
  • Mission Revamp: There is a “more streamlined way to play through the game’s episodic content.”
  • Lore Missions: A new type of non-combat play, testing one’s knowledge of the game’s lore, is being offered to players.
  • Economy Restructuring: “For the first time ever, this update is going to allow players to acquire Cryptic Points without having to spend money. Don’t have time to play as much as you would like to earn the Dilithium you’d like? You can now purchase and auction off Cryptic Points to those willing to buy them with this new, uniform currency.”

Source: Video Gamervia Star Trek: Online

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