Pegg: Fun Hanging With Cruise

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While filming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, in which Star Trek XI‘s Simon Pegg plays field agent Benji Dunn, the actor took time to have a little fun during breaks in filming.

Pegg and Tom Cruise went go-carting during a break from shooting Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. “It was such fun,” said Pegg. “It’s nice to penetrate the noxious cloud of myth that surrounds him.”

Cruise had rented out the entire go-cart center for the day so that he could unwind. “…it occurred to me this was the only way he could have that level of relaxation,” said Pegg.

“Sometimes we’re hanging out and it’s just me and Tom at a hockey game,” said Pegg. “But sometimes he puts on his sunglasses and smiles and it’s like, ‘Oh my god, it’s you.'”

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is currently appearing in theaters.

Source: Sky News

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