Del Toro Rumor Mill – Updated


The Latino Review website claims to know which villain role Benicio Del Toro will play in Star Trek 2.

Although he hasn’t been officially announced yet as part of Star Trek 2, it is expected that Del Toro will sign up for the Abrams’ sequel soon.

Here is what Latino Review had to say: “So, I’m tracking a Latin bad guy role in an upcoming studio movie and although there is no progress today on that specific part, instead I got dibs on a big time bad guy role played by a Latin dude.

“Although heavily debated online as to whom Benicio del Toro might be playing in Star Trek 2…I’m here to tell you guys that according to my sources…Benicio Del Toro is playing none other than…KHAN NOONIEN SINGH, or better known as Khan!!!”

Until anything official is announced, treat this strictly as rumor.

UPDATE: According to Hitfix, J.J. Abrams was asked to comment on the rumor and he said, “Not true.” Hitfix also claims that Latino Reviw has a “very, very high accuracy rate with the scoops [its reporter] breaks.”


Source: Latino Reviewvia Hitfix

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