Star Trek Game In Jeopardy


Gameforge, creator of various browser-based games including a Star Trek one which is currently in development, is making some changes in the structure of their studio which might affect their games including ones already in development.

These changes follow the merger of Gameforge and Frogster, which took place in August.

As a result of these actions, several games in development have been canceled, including HellBreed and Mythos, and Star Trek: Infinite Space may also fall victim to the restructuring, unless a co-publisher is found for the game.

“Through a more efficient organizational structure, we can optimize our use of resources and great potential for further growth increase,” said Alexander Roesner, Gameforge CEO. “This will strengthen our long term position in the dynamic market for online games.”

The restructuring will cost approximated one hundred people their jobs.

Source: Gamasutra

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