Star Trek Comics For Early 2012


Three new Star Trek comics will be released by IDW Publishing in February 2012.

The three new comics include: Star Trek #6, Star Trek Classics Vol. 2: Enemy Unseen and Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #5.

Star Trek #6 will complete the reimagined Operation: Annihilate! story. In Star Trek #6, Kirk and his estranged brother will work together to prevent the extinction of a colony.

Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Joe Corroney and cover art by Tim Bradstreet, the thirty-two page issue will cost $3.99 and will come in one of two covers; a photo cover or a Bradstreet sketch cover.

Star Trek Classics Vol. 2: Enemy Unseen is a reprint book containing three Star Trek: The Next Generation stories. Running 224 pages in length, the stories in Star Trek Classics Vol. 2 are: Perchance to Dream, Embrace the Wolf and The Killing Shadows. Authors for the above stories are Keith R.A. DeCandido, Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski and Scott Ciencin. Artwork is by Scott Benefiel, Andrew Currie, Dave Hoover and Peter Pachoumis, with cover at by Drew Stuzan.

Star Trek Classics Vol. 2: Enemy Unseen will cost $21.99.

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #5 is the fifth of six stories in a series. In this comic, “the most unlikely of allies race the clock to return to their respective timelines and set things right.”

Written by Chris Roberson, the thirty-two-page issue features art by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, with covers by Phil Jimenez and Mike Allred, and a variant cover by Mario Alberti.

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #5 will sell for $3.99.


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