Sirtis in Christmas Play

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Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Marina Sirtis will be appearing in A Snow White Christmas this holiday season.

Running from November 30-December 18 at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, California, A Snow White Christmas Carol stars Glee‘s Lindsay Pearce as Snow White.

A Snow White Christmas is an updated version of the classic fairy tale. “In the style of the traditional British family Panto, Snow White features family-friendly magic, a comedic twist and modern music. A Panto is known for its interactive style and humor that appeals to fairytale fans of all ages.”

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Lythgoe Family Productions to introduce the tradition of holiday Panto to modern families,” said Mark Wildman, VP/Group Publisher of The Parenting Group. “Lythgoe’s clever, unique way of storytelling – and their work to give back to the community – support Parenting’s efforts to help parents and children create new ways to experience the magic of the holidays together.”

In A Snow White Christmas, “The wicked Queen discovers that Snow White has become the fairest in the Kingdom. Knowing she must get rid of Snow White incase she meets the Prince, The Queen orders Herma, her huntsman and her court jester Muddles to kill Snow White in the forest. Not being able to do the deed, Herman and Muddles direct Snow White to the Young Miners Cottage Annex where the seven Dwarves live. She can hide there while they pretend to the Queen they killed her.

“Unfortunately their plan is scuppered when the Mirror tells the Evil Queen Snow White is still alive. Disguised as an old lady the Queen enters the Dwarves cottage and hands over a poisonous apple to Snow White. She takes a bite and falls into a deep sleep.

“Muddles and Herman knowing that Snow White is in trouble, discover that a true loves kiss is the only thing that can save her. They find the Prince to take him to Snow White. Once they are all at the castle the Prince kisses Snow White, bringing her back to life and Herman breaks the Mirror taking all the Queens evil powers away. Snow White and the Prince marry and live happily ever after.”

Sirtis will be playing the Wicked Queen in A Snow White Christmas.

Source: Business Wirevia Magic Pictures Int

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