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Fans of Walter Koenig can download a new podcast that includes an interview with the original series’ actor.

The podcast, called Sci-Fi Spotlight of Star Trek,  is the tenth episode of the Critic Show Podcast.

Koenig spoke about his time on the original series and the role of the characters other than the “Big Three.” He took a shot at William Shatner, but admitted that “…[Trek has] just been here for so long, the whole thing has taken a patina and it feels like we were all contributing and the public has embraced us equally, but that’s not actually the case, I don’t think. It was a show about three characters; Kirk, Spock and McCoy and that the four of us, the supporting actors were that and less.”

Koenig appreciates Star Trek fans and their long-term devotion to the show and cast. “The fans have embraced us…,” he said. “…It’s been well over forty years and there is still support for the original cast members.”

Other topics in the Koenig interview include: his audition for the role of Chekov and how he found out that he had been chosen for the role, bringing Chekov to life including creating his Russian accent, special effects of the past (including the infamous Tribbles), the original series Star Trek movies, Koenig’s career post-Trek and the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies.

In addition to Koenig’s interview, the episode includes Star Trek news, listener and Trek fan opinions about the various Star Trek shows and movies and an interview with Richard Jefferies, author of Beyond the Clouds: The Lifetime Trek of Walter “Matt” Jefferies, Artist and Visionary, a book about his late brother Matt Jefferies, designer of the USS Enterprise.

The podcast will also be available on iTunes. It is sixty-nine minutes long.

Source: The Critic Show

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