Kane: Kelley and Doohan

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Voice actor Tom Kane, a fan of Star Trek from his childhood days, got to work with his heroes when doing voice work for Star Trek games.

“Being a voice-over guy in Hollywood has afforded me some really amazingly wonderful encounters with people that just never would have happened anywhere else,” Kane said.

Kane shared memories of doing voice work with the actors from the original series. “They were recording the very first Star Trek game which had all of the original cast in it and so I was working every day at a recording studio…,” he said. “I’m sitting there one morning, it’s like seven-thirty in the morning and I’m standing there behind DeForest Kelley who at this point was very old…he’s standing there with his reading glasses on and he’s in front of what we called the ‘coffee droid’ because it was this machine that you just would tell it what you want and you’d push buttons and it would make you a fresh cup of coffee exactly the way you wanted it.

“And he’s standing there with his coffee cup looking completely lost and he turns to me and in just absolutely flawless McCoy ‘You know how to work this damned thing?'”

After Kane showed him how the “coffee droid” worked and he prepared Kelley’s cup of coffee, Kelley said, again in his “McCoy voice,” ‘It’s like the replicator on the damned Enterprise!’

Now that some of the actors from the original series are deceased, Kane has done voice work for their characters, such as James Doohan‘s Scotty. “It was really weird because I grew up watching Star Trek and I’m a Star Trek fan and I got to hang out with James Doohan for about a week one time when he was recording a game so it was just really surreal when suddenly I’m cast as Scotty and I’m sitting here going, ‘This is just wacky!'”

The podcast can be here, with the relevant Trek parts at from the 4:30 mark and running to just past the ten-minute mark.

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Source: Comic Geek Speak

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