Chambliss On Trek 2 Production


Star Trek 2 Production Designer Scott Chambliss updated TrekWeb on Star Trek 2‘s pre-production.

Chambliss gave a progress report and explained what fans could expect when it comes to production design.

“Pre-production is in an exciting phase right now, as the story and the sequences are coming into focus and the settings are gaining depth, character, and scale,” Chambliss said.

As for what fans can expect when it comes to production design, Chambliss is going for more than general satisfaction. “If you mildly please everyone across the board with everything, I think that means that the work was pitched to a rather low median denominator,” he said. “The crushing blow would be a general ‘Eh, it was okay, but not nearly as good as the first one” response from the viewers.”

Source: TrekWeb

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