The Private Quinto


While playing Spock on Star Trek XI and Sylar in Heroes made Zachary Quinto more visible, the actor is still very much a private person.

Some actors don’t mind unexpected publicity, but Quinto is not one of them. “…It’s like our culture is so rooted in voyeuristic obsession and the exposure of people’s lives in order to feel validated,” he said. “It’s terribly empty and sad. It leaves me with a diminished faith in humanity.”

Quinto once walked out on an interview for New York Magazine when the interviewer asked too many personal questions.

So if Quinto ends up breaking up a street fight as did Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson) a while back as reported by TMZ, he would prefer that the news of his involvement not get out. “I’ll step in and do my part,” he said. “I just don’t want to have it recorded. That’s the weird part, you know?”

Source: Details

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