Star Trek Online Adds New Currency


For fans playing Star Trek: Online, in addition to Energy Credits, there is now another currency to help them obtain items in the game.

Energy Credits are “intended for the normal expenses of operating a starship, such as getting standard gear, and for trading between captains on the exchange.”

The new currency is Dilithium, which is “intended for getting access to new starships and the high-quality gear. Dilithium is not tradable.”

The Dilithium will come in two forms: Dilithium Ore and Refined Dilithium. Dilithium One is a raw form of the mineral. Refined Dilithium “is the form that can be used as currency.”

Dilithium Ore, which can be refined into the second type, can be obtained by: exploration, daily missions, duty officer assignments, events, PvP and special task force missions.

Refined Dilithium can be earned directly, when a character is promoted to a new rank. Each promotion to a new rank will result in an award of Refined Dilithium to that character.

For more details, head to Star Trek: Online‘s blog entry on the new currency, here.

Source: Star Trek: Online

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