Star Trek 2?


Star Trek 2 will begin filming soon, but expect a change in the name at some point.

In lieu of an official title, the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek has been called Star Trek 2 by many, but according to an unnamed source, the movie won’t keep that title.

“[Star Trek 2] will begin shooting in mid-January,” said Access Hollywood, quoting an anonymous source. “[it] won’t be called Star Trek 2.”

Other actors slated to appear in the sequel have also mentioned January as a start date. Zoë Saldana was the most recent to speak about the movie, saying “We still haven’t gotten a script yet.”

Saldana wants to know where the Spock-Uhura romance will go in the next movie. “I’m really curious,” she said, “and I’m pretty sure that Zach [Quinto] is as well.”

Source: Access Hollywood

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