Star Trek 2 Rumor


If rumor proves to be correct, some familiar aliens will be the villain of the next Star Trek movie.

Trek Brasilis, a Star Trek website written in Portuguese for Brazilian Trek fans, claims that a reliable source provided the information to them. Spoilers below the cut.

According to Trek Brasilis (with help from Yahoo! Babel Fish translations), a rumor has arrived at Trek Brasilis, from a sufficiently trustworthy source, revealing that the villains of the new film will be the Klingons.

The same source claimed that there will not be time-travel in Star Trek 2.

Remember, this is merely rumor at this point and may end up being incorrect.

For those who can read Portuguese, the actual quote was: “Um rumor que chegou ao Trek Brasilis, de uma fonte bastante confiável, revela que os vilões do novo filme serão realmente os……… Klingons e não teremos mais viagens no tempo.”

Source: Trek Brasilisvia Comic Book Movie

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