Star Trek 2 Is Unimaginable Without Abrams


Zachary Quinto and Anton Yelchin could not imagine Star Trek 2 without J.J. Abrams as director and they are happy that he will be directing the sequel.

“I would have never imagined that he wouldn’t come back or that…a lot of the key players wouldn’t have returned for the second one,” said Quinto. “But I guess it was a possibility, so that I’m glad there’s not doubt about that [ the Abrams return]. It’s really starting to ramp up in a big way…”

“I think it would be unimaginable to make that film without J.J.,” said Yelchin, “so to know that he’s going to be at the helm again and sort of manning the ship so to speak is pretty amazing,. We all have such tremendous respect for him and he’s such a brilliant human being that it gives you great confidence in going in to make this again…”

Both actors are preparing to reprise their roles as Spock and Chekov. “I think figuring out the point at which we reenter the story will be informative and define a lot about how I prepare for it,” said Quinto. “There’s a transformation that takes place as we get ready to start. And actually the physical part of it is pretty significant.”

“It’s going to be a lot of stuff,” said Yelchin, of his preparations to play Chekov. “It’s going to be going back and rewatching the shows and going back and looking at my notes on the original because I think there were insights that I wrote down and things that I studied and going back and rewatching the movies and…going back and watching the first movie that we made and studying what I did there to try and capture that and see…how I can combine the two.”

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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