Quinto: Trek Fans Supportive


After his announcement this weekend that he was gay, Zachary Quinto has received plenty of support from Star Trek fans and the public.

Quinto made the decision to come out after the suicide of fourteen-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, and he hopes that his decision to come out publically will make people stop and think and act when it comes to prejudice and bullying. “We have to change the discourse and we have to let people know that there’s a real spirit of openness and acceptance, and not of judgment and hatred and intolerance,” he said. “And if me standing up and making this declaration in any way feeds that notion, then I’m even happier to do it.”

Star Trek fans have joined with others in giving Quinto their support after his announcement. “I have been met with nothing but support, from everyone, in the past couple of days since I made that announcement,” he said. “My Star Trek fans have always been incredibly supportive of everything that I’ve done, and I’m certainly glad to see that that remains the case. I’m just really overwhelmed by and grateful for the unanimous outpouring of love and encouragement from literally all over the world, which I did not anticipate when I made that announcement. I did not imagine what an impact it would have, and from the feedback I’ve gotten, what a positive impact it’s been.”

Asked if it was time for Star Trek to include a gay character, Quinto said that that would depend upon the motives for including one. “Oh…I don’t know the answer to that question,” he said. “Not just for the sake of having one. But if there’s a way to incorporate that aspect of our social structure in a creatively integrous way, then I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it. But I’m not a big fan of doing anything just for the sake of doing it, so I think there’d have to be a real undercurrent of purpose if that was the case, and I mean creatively, not just politically.”

Speaking of Star Trek, according to Cinema Blend, Quinto is ready for the next Trek movie. Star Trek 2 is on the “imminent horizon,” said Quinto, and as soon as he finishes his publicity tour for Margin Call, he will, he said, “go back to L.A. after this trip and start to prep for it and we go in the beginning of the year and so everything’s gearing up.”

Source: StarTrek.com

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