Quinto: Margin Call And Trek 2 Update

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For Star Trek XI‘s Zachary Quinto, being cast as the smart guy in movies such as Star Trek XI and Margin Call  works for him.

In Margin Call, Quinto plays a “hotshot rocket scientist-type” on Wall Street” who is the first one to see the 2008 financial meltdown coming. And in Star Trek XI, he was the cerebral Spock.

“I’m totally OK with being ‘the smart guy’ in the movies,” said the Carnegie Mellon-educated Quinto. “I’ve always been interested in being challenged by intellectually stimulating material. So if that puts me in the category of actors offered that kind of material, I’m happy.”

In Margin Call, the mindsets behind the 2008 financial meltdown are revealed, and the decisions made by those who saw it coming are shown. These decisions have everything to do with self-interest which does not necessary have anything to do with “ethics, morality, or human kindness.”

Quinto liked the fact that in Margin Call, “Nobody really gets raked over the coals; nobody is lionized. It really just presents an exploration of the human impact that these actions had on people who were somehow responsible for the decisions. It lets the audience formulate its own opinion, maybe generating a little dialogue afterward.

“I wanted to make a movie that requires people to really invest – no pun intended – to connect with the characters as the story unfolds. It doesn’t necessarily do the work for you. That’s something I value as a storyteller and as someone who goes to see stories told, I like when my participation, my close attention, is required.”

Margin Call opens October 21.

Quinto also spoke briefly about Star Trek 2, which will begin filming next year. “I’m starting to shift into that mode of preparation,” he said. “I have physical training and other ways of prepping for it. None of us have seen the script. We’re all very curious to see where he’s taking us this time. We’re going on rumors, little hints here and there, stories we’ve been told.”

Source: Orlando Sentinelvia Los Angeles Times

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