New Abrams Project Plus Trek 2 Talk


Another project from J.J. Abrams has been announced.

This time, Abrams is teaming with screenwriter Billy Ray on the untitled project, which is said to be a mystery adventure. The project has been purchased by Paramount.

Abrams will be directing Star Trek 2, and those associated with the sequel are eager to get going, according to postings on Twitter. “I absolutely cannot fucking wait to get back aboard that ship,” tweeted Simon Pegg, Star Trek XI‘s Scotty. “She awaits you with open nacelles,” said Damon Lindelof in reply.

Meanwhile, Roberto Orci interacted with fans over at, saying that when it came to progress on Star Trek 2, it was “steady as she goes.” Another fan asked about Bruce Greenwood, hoping to know if Captain Pike would be making a return in the  next movie. “Are you getting this, Bob Orci?” the fan asked. When Orci replied “Yup,” the fan then asked “Does ‘Yup’ mean that you have got my message and/or Bruce Greenwood will appear in the movie.” “Yup,” replied Orci, no doubt to the sound of gnashing teeth.

It should be no surprise that fans hungry for news about Star Trek 2 will be in for another round of closely-guarded secrets, careful answers, and a bit of teasing as this was also the case with the first movie. It’s all part of the fun while waiting for the highly-anticipated sequel.


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