Welsh Couple Ties The Knot, Trek Style


Two women, who met on an Internet forum that one had set up to discuss Star Trek, were recently married in a Star Trek-themed civil ceremony.

Fourteen years ago, Margaret Wood decided to create a place online to talk Trek. “We (Anita Bayliss and I) met because of Star Trek,” she explained. “About fourteen years ago I had set up a forum on the internet about the show and we started chatting through that.”

“We have always been into the show,” said Wood. “I watched the original series as a child and you just enjoy the escapism and the humor of it all.”

The pair decided to have a Trek-themed wedding, and ordered their uniforms, based on the dress uniform worn by Captain Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis, from Hong Kong. “Not many places are willing to make replica outfits from television shows and films so we had to get them imported,” said Wood.

Not only did the women dress up in Trek uniforms, but their forty guests were also required to do so. “If they weren’t in costume, they wouldn’t have been allowed in,” said Wood. “Everybody looked amazing; they all went above the call of duty. One of my work mates came as a Borg and she really looked fantastic.”

Even Bayliss’s children got in on the act. “My two sons both dressed up in Captain Kirk outfits,” she said.

The couple was married in the Liberty Stadium in Swansea, South Wales.

Source: The Daily Mail

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