Revell Germany To Develop Ship Model Kits

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For European fans, beginning next month, several new Star Trek models will be available to build, courtesy of Revell Germany.

Revell Germany has released kits based on Star Trek: Voyager and will now turn its attention to two original series ships.

The new model kits will be based on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, and the Klingon Bird of Prey. “We decided to introduce models of a series everybody would know,” said Revell Germany Project Manager Juegen Zurnieden.

Production on the ships began in March. “Right now, we are finishing development of the boxes for the new models,” said Zurnieden. “We are convinced that Star Trek fans will find these models exciting, and we’re happy to provide an insight into the development of our Star Trek kits. We will keep the Star Trek community updated with future stories and more photographs.”


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