Nimoy Emmy Appearance


Star Trek fans watching the Emmys last night were treated to a skit in which Leonard Nimoy appeared alongside Jane Lynch.

Nimoy took on the role at the last moment after Alec Baldwin withdrew after a joke of his mocking the Rupert Murdoch phone scandal was cut from the skit. “They edited out a line and he asked them to not air the segment,” a friend of Baldwin’s explained. “He didn’t want to do something that had been edited afterwards because if it’s comedy and you take out a key line, it just doesn’t work.”

So Nimoy graciously stepped in and the skit was reshot, with Nimoy taking the place of Baldwin, in a short role as the President of Television. “I’m firmly convinced that you are the most logical person to host the Emmys this year,” he told Lynch, whose character in the skit was excited to go out to show everyone “what we do when we create the magic of TV.” “To men, you’re womanish,” Nimoy said, explaining why she was the perfect host. “To women, you’re mannish.”

The skit can be seen here.

Source: New York Daily Newsvia

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