New Mondo Voyager Posters To Debut

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Fans who enjoy the Mondo posters as well as Star Trek: Voyager will be happy to hear about several new posters to be offered tomorrow by Mondo.

The three posters, created by Craig Drake, feature Seven of Nine in her familiar catsuit and as a Borg member.

The first poster, The Gift, features Seven of Nine in the catsuit that she wore after being separated from the Borg collective.

The second poster, Scorpion Part II, shows a somewhat Borg Seven of Nine.

The third poster shows both of the Seven of Nines from the other two posters now facing one another.

The Gift and Scorpion Part II will be offered in a hand-numbered, limited-edition run of 130 sets, with a cost of $85.00 for both posters. The poster with both Seven of Nines will have a limited run of 145 posters and will sell for $65.00 each.

At some random time tomorrow, the posters will go on sale. Interested buyers should follow @MondoNews for the “on sale now” announcement that will appear when the posters are available for purchase.

Click on each thumbnail image to see a larger-sized photo of the posters.


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