Mulgrew At Dragon*Con

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For those who couldn’t attend the recent Dragon*Con, a four-part YouTube video of Kate Mulgrew on a Warehouse 13 panel has been uploaded.

Mulgrew was on the panel with Eddie McClintock and writer Deric A. Hughes, and she shared stories about her time working on Warehouse 13.

Mulgrew began to explain how she felt about returning to a science fiction show. “When you step into a situation that is foreign to you,” she said, “sci-fi is familiar to me of course, because I did seven years on Voyager, but I’ve not stepped out since then…this is my first venture.”

Before Mulgrew could continue though, McClintock said, “Can I say one thing? You were the best Seven of Nine, I believe. I mean, frankly I, thought you were EIGHT of Nine.”

The first part of the video is shown below.

Source: Kate Mulgrew Facebook Page

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