Cho Waiting To Shoot Star Trek 2

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John Cho is now in waiting mode for Star Trek 2, as it is the next project for the actor who reprised the role of Sulu in Star Trek XI.

Like everyone else, Cho is in the dark about when Star Trek 2 filming will actually begin. “We were supposed to shoot Star Trek 2, or XII, this winter,” he said, “but I’m not really sure when it’s going. So I’m kind of on standby.”

Cho is curious to see after completing Star Trek 2 if his version of Sulu is heading in the same direction as George Takei‘s Sulu. “I’ll be interested to know,” he said. “For me, the direction I got on the first one was ‘Connect those dots, but don’t have it be spot on.’ So I’ll be interested to know where we’re going, acting-wise, for the second one. There are a lot of decisions to make.”

While waiting for Star Trek 2, Cho fans can look forward to A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, due out November 4; American Reunion, due out April of 2012; and the Total Recall remake, due out in August of 2012.


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