Yelchin As Clumsy Smurf

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Anton Yelchin, Star Trek XI‘s Chekov, recently voiced a character in the hybrid live-action and animated 3-D family comedy The Smurfs.

Yelchin voiced the character of Smurf Clumsy, an unlucky Smurf. Where Clumsy goes, bad luck is sure to follow.

“Clumsy is the heart and soul of the movie,” said Director Raja Gosnell. “His journey is the most emotional. He’s kind of the put-upon younger brother – in a way, the cause of all their problems – trying to find his place in the big Smurf family. Anton has an incredibly youthful, soulful voice, perfect for our little Clumsy.”

Yelchin’s interpretation of Clumsy was a little different than the TV version of the blue character. “I was familiar with Clumsy from the TV series, where he had that Southern twang,” said Yelchin. “I went back and watched that, and then director Raja Gosnell and I talked about it. We decided to make Clumsy a little simpler, a little sweeter. His voice is pitched higher than my normal speaking voice – it’s full of joy, optimism, and enthusiasm for life. Clumsy isn’t trying to mess anything up for anybody – he’s just clumsy, and actually, he’s tired of being clumsy.”

The Smurfs released in the US last week.


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