Trek Fan Proposal Endorsed By Trek Actor


A Star Trek fan proposed to his girlfriend last week, and a certain Star Trek: The Next Generation actor chimed in at the end with his response to the proposal.

Zach Muhn and his girlfriend Tabitha were at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con last week when Muhn decided to pop the question. He dropped down onto his knees and proposed to her, beginning with “I love you so much,” and finishing with “Will you marry me?”

Tabitha, or Tabs as he referred to her, accepted the proposal, put on an engagement ring and kissed her new fiancé. Then, they turned to the left where a Star Trek: The Next Generation actor sat at his table, having watched the proposal take place in front of him, and got a handshake from him. The actor said…well, just watch the video for his response to the proposal acted out in front of him.

Source: Updated News

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